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Airlink Cargo Products & Services

A Division of Airlink (Pty) Ltd, a privately owned regional airline, provides air freight transport directly to more than 40 destinations across Southern Africa. Through its diverse network and strategic partnerships, Airlink Cargo has the ability to provide its customers with the freedom to connect cargo to numerous destinations domestically within South Africa, internationally across Southern Africa, and internationally to the world from its outstations.

  • General Cargo Service

    General Cargo

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  • Cargo Express Cargo Service

    Express Cargo

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  • Cargo Dangerous Goods Service

    Dangerous Goods

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  • Cargo Live Animals Service

    Live Animals

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  • Cargo Perishable Goods Service

    Perishable Goods

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  • Vulnerable Cargo

    Vulnerable Cargo

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  • Cargo Compassionate Remains Service

    Compassionate Remains

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