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Perishable Goods

Perishable cargo are products that can deteriorate over a given period of time if exposed to extreme temperatures humidity or other environmental conditions. For fresh flowers and delicate buds, Frozen products, plant, food products, flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen or fresh meat and meat products, egg, seafood and dairy products that require special handling. Poor handling and humidity could compromise taste, freshness, texture and aroma of the products.

It is of paramount importance to adhere to the IATA perishable cargo regulations. Our 2 -8 degrees temperature-regulated refrigerators in selected stations are the state-of-the-art technology that protects and keeps our perishable cargo fresh and in perfect condition for flight time, which extends the products shelf life.

To sustain the freshness of cargo we recommend the use of durable packaging for securely packing perishable products, and for temperature regulated perishable cargo we recommend the use of ice pack, gel pack and dry ice. Dry ice (or carbon dioxide solid, UN 1845) on its own is considered dangerous goods/hazardous material for air transport which will need professional Dangerous good packers to do the packaging.

Need Help?

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