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Live Animals

The comfort, safety, and security of your pet is of utmost importance to us, therefore our trained staff will ensure that the necessary care is taken when transporting your precious cargo.

Pets must have a water bowl and bedding for absorption. They should be able to stand up with reasonable space between their head and the roof of the crate; they should also be able to comfortably turn around in their crate.

Inoculation – Animals above the age of 3 months must be inoculated against Rabies, this should be done annually. There is a waiting period of 7 days (if they are older than 1 year) or 14 days (for 1st-time inoculations or if they are between 3 & 12 months) after their rabies inoculation, prior to the pet travelling.

It is mandatory to attach at least one IATA “Live Animals” label or tag, properly completed, to each container housing a live animal. In addition, “This Way Up” labels must be placed on all four sides of the container in the upright position.

Snub nose dogs, such as Boxers, Bulldogs, Pekinese and Pugs, are affected more than other breeds by rarefied atmosphere and care must be taken to ensure that the front of the container has open bars from the top to the bottom of the box for ventilation. It is essential that the animal be free from respiratory troubles.

Please book your pet’s flight 24 hours prior to the domestic flight, and 48 hours for the international flight.

Please check your pet in 2h15 before their flight.

For further information on the carriage of animals by air, kindly contact our Customer Care Team.

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